Got Time for Life?

Time for Life!

Just a thought...

Life is interesting . . .It’s what everyone thinks, and yet . . . not what they think. I am now in my fifties and see life from a different perspective due to age and experience. I understand now that there are seasons to life. Times that are built into our DNA and also into our spirit.  King Solomon said, that there is a “time for everything”. A time to live and a time to die. A time to build and a time to tear down, in short a time for experiencing everything. The passing of my Grandfather and the advanced age of my own Father, causes me to contemplate my own life. I am thankful for every day that I have lived for the Lord. He has never failed and will not. I have learned however, that regrets in the process of learning are normal and not to be mourned, but to be used to point the way to doing better. Hurts are not meant to divide,  but to teach caution and respect. Failure is not final, but often the precursor to the best days yet.  Time can never be relived. But, the lessons learned can be applied now.  Don’t let your own or anyone else’s mistakes define you. Take advantage of the Time for Life you have Now.

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Jesus said, “ I have come to bring life and that more abundantly.” It appears to me that people seem desperate to find their identity and live that Abundant  life.   Where all is well and they feel accepted just as they are, without any need to conform or perform to any standard beyond their own. My contemporary interpretation; is that it means a comfortable and stress free life. A place where everything works, and all things tried, succeed. However, could it be that, it's not the life around me, but the life inside me that Jesus is talking about? The life and communion I have with Him? After all, He did say this life, is temporary and will fade away. So, only what is eternal will last. My soul and His spirit and that relationship, are the only eternal things I know of. Is it possible that in my focus on the temporary, I am missing out on the eternal, over abundant life. That He is patiently waiting on me to enjoy? That special time of honesty and confidence in him alone. Where he understands me, knows me like no one else ever will and still loves me and desires to walk with me? Paul wrote it this way;  “In Him we live and breathe and have our being". Make time for life – His abundant life.

God's design for time, has an entrance to life and an exit. I am trying to make full use of the time I have now,  preparing for the time after the "EXIT".  Many fall into the trap of looking back in regret or blame, while fearing the future - but the now is the only place to live, it's a gift which is why they call it the "present".  Take advantage of what you have, while you can. Take Time for Life and that more abundantly!

Just a thought! 

Out of My Mind

Rev. R.J. Hall